Company Project Distribution

Project name

  1. Botanical Puri Asri (Depok)
  2. Green Botanical Garden (Jagakarsa, Jakarta Selatan)
  3. Pejaten Office Park (Warung Buncit, Jakarta Selatan)
  4. Apartemen Bekasi Timur
  5. Apartemen Tangerang
  6. Apartemen Pasar Minggu
  7. TownHouse Pondok Cabe


Targeting the middle market segment, this residence has a total area of more than 1.8 ha which will continue to grow, this area is located in Depok City with a very strategic location.

An integrated office area in the Pejaten area which is located in the Prime area south of Jakarta, only a step from Pejaten Village Mall and has Busway Access, making it an office area

Apartment with the concept of Education & Transit Oriented Development in Tangerang City, covering an area of 1.1 ha, located in the city center, in a beautiful area, with a river view of the Cisadane River

This vertical residence which is located on a land area of more than 1.4 ha is located in the center of industry and trade in Bekasi, integrated with the access to the East Bekasi Toll Road. Have the concept of ETOD

Green Botanical Garden is a housing complex located in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, close to the TB business district center. Simatupang, South Jakarta. targeting the segmentation of energetic young executives who need compact and comfortable housing in Jakarta

This vertical residence, which is located in South Jakarta, has a distance of approximately 500 meters to the Ps. Sunday, Located in a strategic area, close to the center of business and trade,

This Town House is located in a developing area of South Tangerang Chili Cottage, located in the center of the boundaries of the Jakarta, Depok, Bogor and Tangerang areas. This area is very close to Pondok Cabe Airport